Career Opportunities

As an emerging specialty chemical company, Nbien Tech seeks to attract bright, committed professionals who can help further our goal of finding better ways to get important products to the people who need them.
While there are currently no corporate positions available, organization development & expansion is ongoing. Please submit your resume to for consideration.


Clear corporate values let you know where Nbien Tech stands.

Nbien Tech is an emerging specialty chemical company focused on creating access to innovative xenon-based reagents with the highest degree of oxidation for the synthesis of new classes of compounds (organic and inorganic), and improving efficiency of disinfectants outcomes for domestic and institutional segments.

Everything we do in pursuit of our goals is guided by a set of 5 clear values. These values reflect the open and forward-thinking culture of our company.

Sharing our Vision

  • Define clear strategic goals and expectations with partners and colleagues.
  • Base every decision on clear goals.
  • View our passion for better therapies as our strongest collective asset.

Valuing Superior Execution

  • Elimination of pernicious hierarchy rather replacing with organizational roles and responsibilities.
  • Advance strategy with every activity we undertake.
  • Enhance value through efficient communication.
  • Believe that attention to detail is the essence of success.

Welcoming New Perspectives

  • Value and welcome ideas from every team member.
  • Look beyond the familiar and embrace original thinking.

Engineering Success

  • Commit to constant improvement.
  • Network teams to multiply collective knowledge.
  • Sustain and reward entrepreneurial spirit with incentives.

Expecting the Best of Ourselves and Others.



Jun 22 at 12:00

We are looking for investors to accelerate production logistics of our truly green and the most effective disinfectants and cleaners line of products the most competitive and rapid way.

Apr 11 at 12:00

We are working on the new Disinfectants and Cleaners line of products.

Sep 20 at 10:58

A new Nbien brochure about chemical applications and wide industrial usage of xenon-based reagents is compiled and available for download.

May 11 at 9:40

We started offering the following line of xenon-based reagents for industrial applications and usage in kilogram quantities at very competitive prices: Xenon dioxydifluoride Xe(OF)2, Xenon difluoride XeF2, Xenon trioxide solution 5% XeO3.