Investor Relations

Investor Relations

As an enthusiastic and emerging specialty chemical company, we are working towards offering a unique combination of commercialization and development expertise: our exceptional xenon-based reagents, unique scientific resources, a number of internationally recognized patents and strategic global relationships significantly increase opportunities for business collaboration.

We are welcoming all the potential investors. If you are new to Nbien and would like to know more about our current and future products, feel free to send us a request.

Why partner with Nbien?

Our partners choose us for our ability to understand their expectations / needs and meet them rapidly and efficiently.
Through our flexible, comprehensive range of resources we are able to come up with the unique and most efficient approach of determining market and investor's needs.


Jun 22 at 12:00

We are looking for investors to accelerate production logistics of our truly green and the most effective disinfectants and cleaners line of products the most competitive and rapid way.

Apr 11 at 12:00

We are working on the new Disinfectants and Cleaners line of products.

Sep 20 at 10:58

A new Nbien brochure about chemical applications and wide industrial usage of xenon-based reagents is compiled and available for download.

May 11 at 9:40

We started offering the following line of xenon-based reagents for industrial applications and usage in kilogram quantities at very competitive prices: Xenon dioxydifluoride Xe(OF)2, Xenon difluoride XeF2, Xenon trioxide solution 5% XeO3.