Xenon-based chemical reagents

Xenon-based chemical reagents

These are super-oxidants which can be used as an reagent to produce new classes of organic or inorganic compounds, which is evident for oxidants with valency of 4, 6 and 8, and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of 2.7-3.0V.
Our patented, environmentally friendly and completely safe technology allows synthesizing xenon-based reagents in kilogram quantities, with substance purity of 99.9%, and lower prices by tenfold* than any other manufacturer.
Please contact us for pricing, MSDS and shipping requirements. We accept Purchase Orders from private research and manufacturing companies, government institutions, military, municipalities, public schools, and universities.
Available in multiple kilogram quantities
Product List
# Product description Chemical formula CAS Number
1. Xenon difluoride XeF2 13709-36-9
2. Xenon dioxydifluoride Xe(OF)2 13875-06-4
3. Xenon trioxide solution 5% XeO3 13776-58-4
4. Perxenates (salts)
* Depends on order quantity.
  • We welcome every order for any quantity ranging from a few grams to kilograms.
  • Small quantities for research purposes are welcomed!
  • We offer xenon-based chemical reaction engineering, custom synthesis and lab testing services. Please contact us for more information.

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Chemical reagents Nbien brochure download

Allows you to design and synthesize more than a dozen different classes of organic and inorganic compounds:

  • Oxidative fluorination of organometallic compounds
  • Polyfluorine-alkylation of organic compounds
  • Synthesis of conducting polymers with metallic conductivity (based on polyacetylene, polyparaphenylene and carbon materials)
  • Reactions of xenon difluoride with organic nitrogen derivatives
  • The formation of coordination compounds
  • Reactions of fluorination with simple substances
  • Powerful oxidation reactions
  • Oxidative fluorination
  • Reductive fluorination
  • Fluorination of aromatic compounds
  • Fluorinating decarboxylation
  • and many-many more...


Jun 22 at 12:00

We are looking for investors to accelerate production logistics of our truly green and the most effective disinfectants and cleaners line of products the most competitive and rapid way.

Apr 11 at 12:00

We are working on the new Disinfectants and Cleaners line of products.

Sep 20 at 10:58

A new Nbien brochure about chemical applications and wide industrial usage of xenon-based reagents is compiled and available for download.

May 11 at 9:40

We started offering the following line of xenon-based reagents for industrial applications and usage in kilogram quantities at very competitive prices: Xenon dioxydifluoride Xe(OF)2, Xenon difluoride XeF2, Xenon trioxide solution 5% XeO3.